Cincinnati Artist – BBHall

Our world is so serious.  One of the ways I try to make it a better place is to create art that makes people laugh, think and be happy. I tend to gravitate towards pieces that represent bringing love to our world and protecting our precious mother earth and the beauty of nature.

While my subject matter is constantly changing with the seasons as well as my moods, I find myself coming back to familiar subject matter such as people, nature, music and animals, but specially dogs. My paintings also tend to include words and sayings.

I am always looking for new challenges to keep me evolving as an artist while staying true to my core. And whats the point if we can’t bring a little fun into it because having fun is what it’s all about.


Mother Earth is Crying

Father Earth is Crying

Love Will Heal Our Broken World – Oil on Canvas

Monkeys with Auras – 48×48

Cloud Watching – 48″ x 48″

Autumn in Ault Park

Faith Over Fear

Smilin’ Dogs and Cats

The Women’s Salon

Dark Daisies

Pink Snow

Dog Party 1

Dog Party 2

Merbabies – 50″ x 31″